Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week Two Almost Over

I cannot believe that I have been here almost two full weeks. Last week I was sore....tired.....and still in shock that I actually signed myself up to do this. But this week has been different. I have seen a change in my endurance and my strength. Everyday I am just amazed that I am able to do everything that I am doing. Today in one of my classes I was going almost 20 mph faster on the bike than I was last week....its changes like that that I am seeing.

I took a treading class today. Our trainer said that we should do this once a week (no more, no less). This is how it works: you pick a cardio machine. After warm ups....when she says go, you go as fast and strong as you can for 5 minutes....then you recover and go slow for 5 minutes....then you go as fast and strong as you can for 4 minutes...then you recover and go slow for 4 minutes....and so on till you get to 1 minute. She says it shocks your body and you get into your anaerobic state. She told us that she started doing this once a week in her personal workouts, and it has tremendously helped her race times.....

Thanks as always for all of the encouragement and prayers. I have felt it!! Thanks again!


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