Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Rain

So, everyone here keeps saying that it NEVER rains here....and yet again it is raining. Today was the hardest hike due to the rain...I was so cold...but I kept going (really dont have a choice...hehe). Here is what I did today:

6:00 am Yogalataes
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Hike
11:15 Circuit Training
12:45 Lunch
2:30 Kickboxing
3:30 Mountain
4:30 Weight Circuit
5:45 Dinner
6:30 Yoga

Yesterday and today have been the most tired days for me. I feel like I have no energy....but I can definitely tell that I am getting stronger. Today I did something in the gym that I was not able to do last week....yay!

I am going to post some pics....I really only have a chance to take pics during hikes...that is why you only see pics of that....

Headed to Target. Will post pics later!


PS. Had ostrich stew for supper.....yes, I said ostrich....

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