Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I still can't believe that I will be home in just a few days. It feels like my time here has flown by. I am ready to come home, though. As much as I am enjoying my time here, I am missing home too. I am finding that the longer I am here, the more tired I become. Bedtime is getting earlier and earlier each night...hahaha.

Well, speaking of bedtime, I am going to bed. Thanks, as always, for your words of encouragement and prayers.


From a very big, large, mean animal, I'm sure

John Yohman, one of the trainers


  1. We are looking forward to you being home too! Good job Marla! come teach us all you learned! I need to get on the ball...can't take my health for granted!
    see you soon! Have a safe trip home!

  2. First you post a 911, then you don't blog for a few days! i called your mom yesterday to make sure you were allright. She said you were great, just trying to get it all in before Sunday. I can't believe you are coming home. We are so proud of you for taking up this challenge and we will support you 100% when you get home so you can keep it up. Of course you'll need to sleep for a week, then it's off to the races!!!

  3. Hey Marla you are amazing woman I am so proud of you keep on blogging we want to hear the whole journey. glad you will be able to rest a but at home

  4. Great pictures, Marla!!! You look fantastic, too! New York is chilly-willy but having a great time. I have the afternoon to myself. Hooray! Tell Fiona and Jens I said hello!

  5. I know what you mean about bedtime. I swear I've never gone to sleep so early in my life as I did while there.